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Trading Room Moderator - Mr. Jose Molina


Jose Molina
Senior Foreign Exchange Analyst & Strategist,
Vertical Forex In Alliance with IamFX

Trading Locations/Timeframes:North America & Latin American.
Target monthly profitability:+1% to +5% (varies based on market conditions)
Maximum risk per trade:+2%
Trading Style:Swing & Day Trading
Preferred currencies:Major pairs & some exotics.
Years trading full time:over 5 years.
Trading times & Trading Room Schedule:click here to visit our trading room calendar page

His Trading philosophy:

"Trading success & growth can only be consistent through the implementation of effective & strict risk control while focusing in realistic profit targets." Jose Molina

Risk & Money Management Approach:

Stop losses are used in every single trade and define since the moment that a trade is placed. Maximum risk per trade is 2%* and trailing stops may be utilized to protect partial profits. Take profit levels are calculated according to the amount of exposure in a trade. Discretionary trading is used to filter fake signals even further and take profits when price reaches significant levels within the price action of a currency pair.


Jose Molina is a professional & full time Forex trader & strategy developer with over 5 years trading for a living. Jose Molina has been featured for his currency trading expertise in several media channels such as the magazine FX Trader Magazine, Terrapin, FundsAmericas, The Yorba Trader’s Network, the financial channel Dukascopy TV, amongst others.

Jose has offered his trading services and asset management services (managed Forex accounts) to clients from Europe, South Africa, Canada, Asia, Latin-American, and from over 50 countries from around the globe. He has worked for Vertical Forex Investments as director of operations and trading leader where he leads highly profitable managed trading programs.

"Some of your best trades will be trades that you didn’t take" Jose Molina

In his early professional stages Mr. Molina worked back to back with multiple banks in the US and Latin America to assist clients with mortgage financing options to attempt to alleviate home owners who were facing foreclosures back in 2008. After following the steps of mentors & very successful investors in his business circle Mr. Molina discovered his ability to develop trading strategies from scratch by performing optimization and extensive research of hundreds of trading systems and approaches.

Trading Style & Approach to the Financial Markets

Mr. Molina’s trading style and approach is based in the creation of risk and volatility adjusted returns from the currency markets. Risk management and money management are the core of Jose Molina’s trading strategies and trade calls.

The European and New York trading sessions are Mr. Molina’s favorite as he believes the overlapping of these sessions provides the most efficient market conditions for proper trade execution.

* Mr. Molina’s trading style has as well offered higher risk strategies than the ones at 2% per trade in special occasions where investors understand that higher exposure leads to higher potential profits and losses.